Q7 has the best blocking and protecting credit card RFID wallet

In our online shop we offer you the best blocking and protecting credit card RFID wallet. They guarantee 100% RFID protection.

Why do you need and RFID blocking and protecting wallet? 

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is becoming an increasingly common feature for credit cards. However, the technology comes with risks, as it opens up the possibility for wireless identity theft. A portable, concealed scanner at a distance of up to 3m is all that is needed to steal information from the RFID enabled credit cards in your wallet, a process known as “skimming”. Without any RFID security measures you expose your sensible data probably without even knowing it. The more common RFID credit cards get, the more often criminals are going to try to steal sensible data from helpless people. Especially public places where many people are in close distance at the same time are risky. For criminals those places promise a high number of victims. But we all know that you do not want to stop visiting those places. That is why you need reliable RFID protection and that is where our blocking and protecting RFID wallets come in handy. Because with our RFID blocking wallet you can visit every place you like without having to fear to become a victim of electronic pickpocketing.

Why can our blocking and protecting RFID wallet fit your needs perfectly?

Our innovative wallet, allows you to safely store your banknotes, credit cards and business cards while at the same time preventing your sensitive credit card information from being subjected to “electronic pickpocketing”. With its effective RFID  identity theft protection shields, this wallet makes sure your cards’ information remains private at all times. Our wallets are 100% secure and the best RFID wallets available on the market. Due to our expertise in effective protection mechanisms we exactly know what has to be done to make sure your credit card information remains safe. You can imagine our RFID blocking wallets as a shield which prevents the signals of the skimming scanner from reaching your credit card. By using one of our protecting credit card wallets you not just buy yourself a stylish high quality leather wallet, you also buy yourself the freedom of moving around without any fear.

And there is even more to our RFID protecting wallets. We only use the best and finest italian leather for our wallets and due to the minimalist design we make sure your RFID blocking wallet fits in every pocket.

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