The ultimate RFID ))) blocking
wallet offers reliable card and
data protection

O   U   T   S   I   D   E

finest leather

I    N    S    I    D    E

smooth RFID ))) blocking shields
to prevent electronic
2019_01_Q7 WALLET cards 1v2
2019_01_Q7 WALLET cards 1v2
2019_01_Q7 WALLET cards 2v2BBB

either all loose or if you prefer, partly fastened
under eltastic slide-under straps

The RFID ))) blocking cardprotector

Time to experience the next generation of RFID blocking designer wallets. Quick, easy and secure! The Q7 wallet and cardprotector ombines functionality, timeless design and coolness in one.

Small and lightweight, barely larger than a credit card! Q7, the RFID ))) blocking cardprotector can store 1 to 15 cards, banknotes and receipts. Thanks to its minimalist and compact design, the high-quality leather wallet fits comfortably in any of your pockets, while protecting your card’s personal data effectively against electronic pickpocketing.

Classy and secure!

Made in Germany and of finest, naturally tanned cow leather in combination with sleek metal, the Q7 wallet really knows to impress, whenever and wherever you are required to present one of your cards.

Available in over  80  exclusive leather / strap combinations.

Q7 simply the best – a must have and
truly elegant gift!

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RFID ))) blocking mini wallet

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